Does the World Really Need Another Leadership Podcast?

Eighteen months ago, the world didn’t need another leadership podcast, but the world has completely changed. 

In this introductory episode of the Ready to Lead Podcast, get to know hosts Richard Lindner and Jeff Mask as they share who they are, why they’re here, and what you can expect in the weeks and months to come. 

Hint: it will be different from other leadership podcasts. More raw, more real, more personal. It will also be helpful, applicable, relevant—and fun.

What Leadership Looks Like Today

When 2020 rolled around, leadership was already changing. Then came the pandemic. Leading through and after Covid is one of the toughest challenges leaders have ever had to face. The old ways of leading just aren’t going to cut it any longer. Leaders need to pivot if they want to lead powerfully. 

There will be entire batches of leaders who have never led in an office environment, who will never have the connection that comes with leading someone face-to-face. People will learn how to lead (and be led) virtually. This won’t be easy.

Richard and Jeff recognize their obligation and responsibility to have raw and honest conversations, to share anecdotal stories not just about people who got it right, but people who messed up. There’s less to be learned from success than failure. 

Who Is Jeff Mask?

“Who the heck are you?” Richard asks Jeff. “And why should I listen to you?”

“Some white dude who has no clue about life,” Jeff says. “I’m a husband of 21 years, father of 4 kids, and figuring it out as I go.”

Jeff has learned from being in multiple industries, having led thousands of people—and hired (and fired) a lot of people too—that leadership is hard. There’s no simple template. There’s no “this is exactly what you do.” There are a lot of books and frameworks and models that can help to some extent, but how real do they get?

Jeff has dedicated his life to help people answer the question: “But what can I really do?” He and Richard are in a position to give back, help, and serve because of the countless well-intended mistakes they’ve made. They hope to save listeners tons of time, pain, and problems by sharing their journey.

Who Is Richard Lindner?

Richard says that Jeff is a very modest guy with an extensive and impressive background. Richard is the polar opposite of that. Jeff has done leadership trainings and developed programs, while Richard is a serial entrepreneur. 

“I don’t have a strong love for the traditional education system,” Richard says. “I would be a horrible employee. I stumbled into leadership accidentally. I’ve led hundreds and screwed up.” 

When he first met Jeff, he immediately thought, “there’s something about that guy.” The way that he makes other people feel, the way he runs his org, and who he is. Richard knew he wanted to be more like Jeff.

They worked together as business peers, and when Jeff left the company, Richard took the opportunity to tell him how much he had impacted his life. “I had no idea,” Jeff said. “I was so touched.”

Not long after, Jeff called Richard to tell him that he was offering leadership coaching, and he wanted Richard to be his first client. It was an easy yes for Richard, who was excited to be formally mentored by this guy he respected so much.

These days, Jeff and Richard are peers/brothers/close friends. They’re both charged with leading teams and families. For all of Richard’s humble talk, he is currently the President and Cofounder of the Scalable Company. Each and every day he leads people who are leading people who are leading people. And he does it pretty dang well.

Jeff and Richard will be talking about their wins and losses from two very different perspectives. They’ll agree on some things, disagree on others, and listeners will get to hear it all.

Are You Qualified to Lead?

Jeff believes there are a lot more people on the non-traditional path (like Richard’s) than on the traditional path (like his). Sometimes, those non-traditional folks look at the traditional folks and impostor syndrome sets in. They think: Who am I to lead? Am I qualified? I don’t have the training, the degrees. 

This podcast will show you that the most important qualification of being a leader is being a learner. Richard is the poster child of learning and leadership. He’s an avid learner, and nothing holds him back. Leaders are learners/readers/listeners. When we fill our minds with uplifting, positive, powerful thoughts, tools, and tactics, we will become better. 

You don’t have to take a traditional path to leadership. You can learn it—and grow in it—in an unconventional, powerful, authentic way. 

Why Now, Why Ready to Lead?

Leadership is the summitless mountain. Even if you’re CEO of the company, you’re still not at the top. There is always tons to learn. Leaders have to get ready to lead every hour, every day, before every meeting. You never “arrive” as a leader. Even if you had the best day as a leader yesterday, you still have to get ready today.

Richard and Jeff want to help you get ready to lead. They want to inspire you, motivate you, give you the courage to get back on the horse after a tough day. And there will be tough days. 

There are foundational principles in leadership that are powerful, effective, and universally applicable. They’ll be sharing information that is helpful, hands-on, and ready for application.

They also want to provide an environment where you feel like you belong. It can be lonely to be a leader. They want to provide a home for you that feels safe, a place where you can feel connected, where you think, “these are my people.”

As leaders, the plan won’t always go how we want. That’s normal. It’s life. It’s a journey. Jeff and Richard are excited to be a part of yours. 

And they want to hear from you. Have feedback on the show? Topics you’d like to hear them discuss? Things that resonated with you or that you disagreed with? Email them here: 


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